What to Do If You Fall Victim to Phishing, Malware, or Ransomware

It’s every manager’s worst nightmare: You realize that the data in your business network has been compromised, that your IT systems are infected with malware or a hacker has gained access to your private client data. In some cases, a malevolent third party may have even locked your systems and demanded payment for you to access your hijacked data.

Should your current IT infrastructure succumb to one of these cyberattacks, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage and return to business as quickly as possible, such as immediate shut down your network and call your managed services provider. As with anything, however, prevention is the best solution, and addressing the possibility of a cyberattack now can help you reap huge dividends down the road.

Can you protect your business from phishing, malware, or ransomware?

While 100% security can never be guaranteed, you can take several steps to greatly reduce the risk of your business falling prey to one of these schemes. The most important thing you can do to prevent such occurrences is to invest in IT security. A good IT security team will know exactly what risks to look for and how to protect your network against them. Furthermore, if a cybercriminal is successful in infiltrating your IT system, a professional IT team will have the tools and ability to shut down your network and restore it with minimal disruption to your customers.

Offsite backup is crucial

One thing an effective IT team will do is work to ensure that your sensitive data is regularly backed up offsite.  This means that if your IT system does fall victim to ransomware or other malware, you can simply load your data from the last successful backup and continue working.  The more frequently you back up your data, the less damage any malware attack will inflict.

Prevention is the best form of security

When it comes to securing your business, the importance of a professional IT team cannot be understated.  And the best time to take proactive steps to protect your business is now – before problems arise.  By taking the time to implement a comprehensive IT security plan, and by giving your IT professionals time to create an IT security protocol, you can help ensure that your business is protected tomorrow and beyond.

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