Stop Cyber Security Threats to Your Business

From spear phishing attacks to data theft, security breaches can be disastrous for your organization. And as our reliance on technology increases, the need for every business to work aggressively to stop cyber security threats from impacting their customers becomes more vital. Every business, employee, agency, and institution must be vigilant, proactive, and determined to take responsibility for thwarting hackers and other cyber security threats.

Cyber Security Risk Areas

While every part of your business needs security measures in place, certain areas are considered high risk for cyber threats and should have additional measures in place:

Mobile devices. Mobile devices – cell phones, tablets, and hybrid laptop-tablets – allow every business to benefit from a more mobile workforce. This has radically improved the way we work, how long we work, and how responsive we can be to customers. And it also introduces one of the biggest cyber security risks to your business. More than half of all employees who use personal devices for work-related activities store sensitive information on their phones, putting your business at risk. Beyond the risk of a device being lost or stolen, this information is also likely to be shared over a mobile network or a public internet connection that is not protected by the organization’s network security. Mobile devices are also notorious for being infected with malware, which introduces yet another threat to your business.Mobile Device Management, a specific layer of security and policy protocols that govern mobile device usage in your business, should be developed, monitored, and revised regularly to keep up with new threats as they appear.

Human error. One of the biggest risks to cyber security is the human factor. Whether it’s an employee who clicks a link in a phishing email, a disgruntled former employee whose access is not terminated when they are, or a lack of caution in the use of contractors, people add a level of cyber security risk. Regular and in-depth training, strict security policies, and remote wipe capabilities should be standard measures for every business.

To stop cyber security from costing your business customers, money, and downtime, proactive and aggressive security measures must be enacted. No company is without risk. Every business must take responsibility for reducing cyber risk by employing state-of-the-art monitoring, comprehensive email security, regularly scheduled offsite backups, data recovery services, ongoing employee training, data encryption, mobile device management, and enterprise-level threat detection.

If you’re ready to make heightened cyber security a priority at your Calgary- or Alberta-based business, The ITeam provides customized solutions to suit your needs, regardless of industry. The ITeam is the Calgary region’s local source for comprehensive IT services, as well as IT products, supplies, and support.

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