Caught in a Storm without an Umbrella?

There’s nothing like a freak storm knocking out power to 26,000 homes and businesses, to remind you why it’s important to be prepared. And just in case you think the recent atmospheric disturbance is a one-time thing, don’t forget the freak summer snowstorm we had just last year. If you’re one of those unlucky Calgary businesses whose downtime cost you money, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that downtime costs Canadian businesses more than $16B annually, and worse, more than half of all Canadian businesses have no disaster recovery plan in place.

Storms like the one that occurred on August 4, 2015 are the perfect example of why it pays to be prepared ahead of time. For households, that means having candles, flashlights, and provisions of food and water just in case. For businesses, it means having your data backed up to an offsite location and a disaster recovery plan in place, so that if the worst happens and you’re not able to operate your business from its normal location, you can still meet your customers’ needs.

Your Data Is Your Business

From financial records to customer accounts, stored data is the core of your business operations. Imagine the cost and length of time that would be required to recreate those records. To prevent that kind of risk, it is essential to regularly and automatically backup your data. By storing a backup of your data at an offsite location, you will have access to the information your business needs to remain in operation, even if your facility is inaccessible or destroyed.

BDR = Business Continuity

Operating a business comes with inherent risk. Mitigating that risk is something every business leader must consider. From ensuring a safe environment for customers who visit your location, to having a lock on your door to prevent theft, to having a sprinkler system that quickly puts out fires, businesses are always looking for ways to minimize risks. Backup and data recovery (BDR) is an essential risk mitigation strategy for business continuity – one that can be very costly to ignore.

It might not rain today, or tomorrow. It might not rain until next week. But you’ll be glad to have an umbrella with you so that you’re prepared when it does rain.

The ITeam provides essential IT support to Calgary businesses, with fully managed and customized offsite backup services and secure storage in a Calgary-based secure facility with 24/7 monitoring. Offsite backup and disaster recovery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The ITeam will work with your Alberta business to customize a cost-effective solution and help you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that will ensure the continuity you need. Contact us for a free consultation.

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